Captain Coconut Surf Tour

Our traditional bamboo boat

THE PLAN: Book myself on a seven day surf boat trip, score some waves, have some fun.

THE ITINERARY: Nusa Lembongan, Lombok, Sumbawa – Indonesia

THE PRICE: Under US $70 a day; amazing food, drinks included (although we topped up the beer allocation a couple of times).

THE BOAT: Traditional Indonesian boat with bamboo outriggers, heaps of space for relaxing on the top deck. Can sleep up to 14 keen customers comfortably.

THE CAPTAIN: The man himself, Captain Coconut; ex-boxer, fellow surfer, speaks great English and enjoys a laugh. Knows his stuff when it comes to swell direction, wind and timing.

THE PUNTERS: Four Aussies, five Yanks, three Poms, one Hawaiian… and me.

13 fit surfers and Imo...

So what’s it like being the only chick on a boat with 13 other fit tanned surfer boys Imo?

Hmmm, nice!

THE WAVES: Although we surfed every day, we didn’t score any waves over 5-foot, much to the disappointment of the boys.  The swell report on that had looked so promising never really delivered. I would have loved to have seen places like Desert Point in Lombok and Yo-Yo’s in Sumbawa going off their nuts, and would have surely clicked off a fair few more photos as I watched from a distance.

As it was, three foot and glassy was perfect for me; I got loads of fun waves and good practise on my backhand. Got worked on my last wave of the day at Yo-Yo’s halfway through the trip and snapped a fin, plugs and all, gutted. Still, the boys were great and offered me other boards to use since I only had one.

Razors, Lembongan


The reason why it's called Razors

Made takes us to the line up


Yo Yo's, Sumbawa

Mawi, Lombok


Desert Point, Lombok


Obligatory post surf Bintang...


THE PLUG:  Just do it.

Captain Coconut

It’s the perfect way to get around the islands to your favourite surf breaks. Captain Coconut motors at night so you always arrive at a new break every sunrise.

It’s spacious, comfortable and clean, the crew on board are really classic, amazing cooks and always keen to ferry you to and from the surf line-ups and beaches in the little red dinghy.

There is never a dull moment especially with 13 other crazy Bintang guzzling guys cracking dirty jokes and causing trouble in between surf sessions.

You can find the Captain Coconut Office halfway down Beniyasa Street off Poppies II in Kuta, Bali.

Imo paid in full for her trip and this story was in no way influenced by icy cold Bintangs and over a dozen hot surfers.


Captain Coconut



About Imogen Throp

Imo takes life as it comes, fueling her wander-lust with hard work along the way. She loves the lessons learned through shared experiences, interaction and bloody good yarns. Imo is humbled and awestruck by stories, situations and stunning panoramas that she encounters on her path. Often, all it takes is a smile.


  1. Amanda Tyler says:

    Hey Imogen,
    Loved your post re ”Captain Coconut Surf Tour”. Sounds like you would have been in surf heaven with all those guys:) Looked like a great travel experience.

  2. Tony says:

    Were can I buy a Captain Coconut t-shirts? My bother in-law just got back from that boat trip and I would like to buy one for him.

    • imo says:

      Hi Tony,
      they had sold out of tShirts when I was there… but you could try and get in touch with ketut rasta directly at the Kuta Bali office:
      I reckon the best bet is to buy yourself a ticket to Indo and go and pick one up yourself! You’ll love it, get into it!
      Let us know how you get on.
      Cheers, Imo

  3. Scottgrayart says:

    Stumbled onto your blog and like it.

     I went on the very first “Captain Coconut” boat trip in early 1994. Three yanks (including ‘Cabbie’ the first negro surfer Coconut had even seen) and myself and another aussie mate (Doggy).
    Ask the good captain about Cab, cause Cab had to sleep next to Coconut whole trip (Coconut did not want to risk losing such valuable and exotic cargo). Boat was minimal, three crew including Coconut, and we went to same places.I even designed his first T-Shirt (photocopy cut and paste image of Coconut in his Y-fronts) along with hand drawn lettering).US$350 for a seven day trip. Prices have not gone up much since 1994.Thanks for the memories.Salamat jalan ImogenWarm regardsScott

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