Sucking the surf from Indonesia to the Pacific

Teahupo has nicked Sumatra’s thunder this week. It’s sucked the swell (and the surfing world’s attention) from Indo to the South Pacific.

Watching the latest hot heavy weight surfer in the belly of the Tahitian monster, or Slater surf a 5”11 has been almost worth it, almost. No worries though because in Indo, with a massive ocean to source swell from, it’s never really flat.

A pulse here and there and an exposed reef is enough to satiate a surfer’s ravenous appetite. In any case, the odd lay day is good for resting a tired body, easing sunburn, drying up reef cuts and checking out shots of days gone by.

Here are a few from out the front and thereabouts of the Surfing Village, on an island somewhere off Sumatra.

Waves care of the southern hemisphere’s surf mecca, surf shots care of Michelle (Surfing Village).

Mario, part owner and operator at the Surfing Village, at his home break straight out the front of his bungalow, somewhere in


Whosat?? Pasti in the green room yeaow!


Big, small, lefts, rights...there's always a wave in Indo. Rafael tucks into a nearby left...


Now THIS is what I call morning GLORY ha ha


Lay day laziness, we love it


Where in the world..? Jungle paradise!



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  1. Jan the man says:

    How’s indo Keri. ? That right hander looks sick. Are you there long?
    That was a weird shity story?but why not.
    Take care. Jan from manly

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