Things to do in Bali with kids

The thing about holidays to Bali is that they can really cater for the whole family. Spa treatments, massages, surfing, diving, jungle, beaches, shopping…it’s a family holiday dream. And for kids, well, you can make it a total wonderland for them.

A great way to spend their energy


When I was 12 years old my dad took me to the Waterbom park in Bali. As a kid, waterparks are a blast – but as it turns out, as an adult they are still a blast.

This year we went to a new waterpark with a little guy called Jacob. It was his favourite thing in Bali.

Greenpark is a fraction of the price of the Waterbom. It’s smaller, but there are no crowds, no queues and when we were there we pretty much had the park to ourselves.

Have you read our Kuta Bali Hit List with it’s flesh eating fish pedicure?

Gross and fun, the kids'll love it!


Next on the Bali list is petting the baby elephants. There’s an elephant sanctuary near Ubud that lets you feed and pet the babies and ride the adults. Elephants! They’re wonderful creatures, slow and serious and sage. We love them and your kids will too.


Not keen on Dumbo? What about a funny looking camel? Around Sanur on the south eastern tip of the Indonesian island there’s a beach with camel rides. It’s a pretty casual affair, you just jump on and get walked along the picturesque beach.

Whitewater rafting

Whitewater rafting is a top idea if you are finding the heat too much. The rivers are up in the mountains and it can be a lot cooler, the water too, is a little frosty. There are full day and half day tours and usually they take kids upwards of eight years old.


Sandcastles for everyone

What about some simple stuff, like building a sandcastle on a beach? If the beaches in the southern end of Bali are a little busy, grab a ride up to Balian, on the mid north west coast. It takes a few hours to get up there. It is a very small tourist-oriented coastal town. There are┬áno hawkers, shops, nada. So bring your togs and sunscreen and get ready to build sandcastles all the way down the uncrowded black sand beach. There’s a nice hotel at the bottom of the only road that has a pool as well, for the kids.

Don’t forget to feed ‘em up on banana pancakes and give ‘em a few thousand Rupiah to make ‘em feel rich. That’s always fun.

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