The unmissable Kagata surf retreat of the Solomon Islands

We didn't get too many good surf shots, but unlike other surf trips, the surf ended up peripheral

Thanks to our avid aid worker, surfer, traveller and friend, Eddie Burton, for providing this insightful and inspiring feature on the Solomon Islands. Towards the end of Eddie’s tale are his reflections, which will pull at the chords of every seasoned Island traveller. As I sat out the back alone, the last person in the [...]

Cheap holiday travel ideas: free accommodation in local prisons

Schapelle Corby, behind Bali bars for importing kilos of marijuana in her boogie board bag

(Caveat: Mum, you may not enjoy this yarn.) We were free-spirited New Zealanders on a six-week road trip down Mexico’s Baja peninsula. Fun loving, surfing, camping, and the world was our oyster. By the time we arrived at Cabo San Lucas we were dizzy with the intoxicating mix particular to Mexico, of hot salty air, [...]

Mexican Pipeline Dreams

Mexican pipeline bikini girl

It’s flat. So I sit, drink a Balinese coffee and listen to the flirtatious conversation between two middle aged Californians at breakfast. The southern Cali twang is unmistakable and unusual next to the more common Aussie accent. Bali is to Australians what Mexico is to North Americans…good waves, a cheap holiday, contrasting culture, and white-skin [...]

Culinary delights to tickle all your fancies

Spain's famous crowd pleaser, the paella tipica from Valencia

By Keri Algar Oh man we just LOVE it! I’ll take oysters and champagne or beer and two minute noodles with equal pleasure. Give me five stars or Maccas it’s (almost) all the same to me. But joy of all joys is cooking for friends and family with plenty of booze in the mix. It’s [...]

Oh yeah that’s the ticket

Fiji's cloudbreak says Bula!

By Keri Algar Surfing is life. You let go and go for it at the same time and if things are moving a little fast then all the better cos it doesn’t leave you time to think about it too much, you act on instinct. It’s the best way to score though sure, sometimes you get smashed but [...]

Bite sized travel resources

Wow, sounds amazing and kind of cheap

By Keri Algar Whether it’s a swell report, a joke, a poem, a two minute Q and A…anything that is short and sweet goes. Think two minute anecdotes, crack up things you overheard, an epic shot, a moment of ecstasy or agony…

Bits and Boobs

Laura Enever in Stab's spread of hot

By Keri Algar Here is where we will add images of the weird, wonderful, hot, or not characters we meet along the way. From the Argentine ranchero Juan, whose smoldering gaze bedazzles us the wine and dine way, to the lusty babe whose butt swallowed her weekini we’re into it. So show us your tits [...]

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