India part 1: the Twin Towers of Delhi

Qutb Minar Delhi India

Chaos is the overused word of the day. To us, it’s not ‘organised chaos’ as our guide suggests. To us, Delhi is beyond hectic. Laneless highways, horns blaring, an indescribable smog, the rancid smell of overused oil, dogs yapping, 13 million people chattering. All of it overwhelming and entertaining. It’s a Sunday that my retired [...]

Things to do in Bali with kids

Gross and fun, the kids'll love it!

The thing about holidays to Bali is that they can really cater for the whole family. Spa treatments, massages, surfing, diving, jungle, beaches, shopping…it’s a family holiday dream. And for kids, well, you can make it a total wonderland for them. Waterparks When I was 12 years old my dad took me to the Waterbom [...]

Tips for taking a good passport photo

Keri pIC

Snap! Do you look like a startled deer in your passport photo, or worse, like a convict? Here’s 7 tips for turning your shot from horror to hot… Harsh lighting and heinous background colours makes us look washed out and sick. Adding insult to injury, facial recognition scanners have a hard time placing your face [...]

Making Gado Gado on the streets of Bali


You’ll need no nonsense guts, a taste for the spicy, to forget meat and three veg, and about a dollar in your pocket. What’s Gado Gado? Watch and learn….  

Tim Baker’s ‘Surfari’ around Australia


  Tim Baker is so stoked that he can’t put his wetsuit on fast enough. Somehow, in the middle of his life, the prolific surf scribe has slipped one past mediocrity to live the adventure he wished for as a teenager. Balancing life on the road for the best part of a year as a [...]

Slating Kelly

Kelly Slater, suiting the red shirt in Arica, Chile 2007 (Andy Irons won that one)

I wince while watching a video replay of Kelly Slater jumping switch-foot between 6-foot barrels at Padang Padang. He’s so awesome and yet I’m so over it. This twenty-year long adulation has become a little schizophrenic of late, a little up and down; I think I have Slater Fatigue Syndrome (SFS). Not to be confused with [...]

How to make a Spanish tortilla the way the Spanish do


(Quick answer: Excessive amounts of salt and olive oil. Short answer: read below) A Spanish tortilla (tortilla de patatas) has nothing to do with the Mexican flour/corn variety. Spanish tortillas are made from potatoes, onions and eggs. It is, in other words, an omelette. To make the tortilla authentic you will need to use a [...]

10 things I like about you, my travel companion

Imo and Keri sharing a laugh, a beer and life on the road

1.     A sense of adventure over a sense of direction. 2.     A sense of humour – because I sometimes lack one and laughing is good stuff especially if we get lost. 3.     The willingness to rough it. Hard floors, soft beds, old cheese, and dirty undies are all part of life on the road at [...]

Kuta Bali hit list: we say YES!

Saul at Bingin, Bali

For fear of being mistaken as an Elizabeth Gilbert wannabe, author of Eat Prey Love (Groan, Sigh, Moan), we’ve opted to avoid the trendy jungle town of Ubud in Bali, where we’ve been told naval gazing woman armed with laptops and a vision to write crowd the free Wi-Fi cafes. We cast our eyes away [...]

Dreaming of Whales

Aimee with a whale shark, Ningaloo, Australia

Did you know that when Orcas travel in groups they breathe in unison? And that the largest animal in the world, the Blue Whale, eats up to 3,000,000 calories a day, and has 40cm of blubber around it?! While you watch in childlike awe as whales cruise along the coastline – giant, majestic and mysterious [...]

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