12 Chinese curiosities I learned after being abandoned in Beijing

Chinese toddler with split pants

Finding yourself unexpectedly alone in an alien land is a sharp reminder that cultural experiences are more intense without company. There’s no western filter where the strangeness of things is discussed and diffused in conversation with a mate. It’s just you and the natives. How I came to be abandoned in Beijing is simple, he [...]

Prawns in Australia, still tasty at the Sydney Seafood School

Wine and seafood at Sydney Seafood School

There are three essential things to a good trip away anywhere in the world: a place to stay, food, and people. If you’re visiting Australia you’ll likely start in Sydney. Once you’ve sorted yourself out some sweet Sydney accommodation you’ll want to find somewhere good to eat. For an insight to Sydney culture and its culinary fame [...]

Get Shucked! Bruny Island has the best oysters and the friendliest locals

Bruny Island seafood with Alan and Keri

Sometimes being a carefree traveller (read: disorganised) can you lead you to a more delicious experience. Where is Bruny Island? Bruny is an island off an island off an island. Specifically, it’s a hop and a skip south off Tasmania, which is a hop and skip south off the Australian continent. And it’s a little off-beat to [...]

Making Gado Gado on the streets of Bali


You’ll need no nonsense guts, a taste for the spicy, to forget meat and three veg, and about a dollar in your pocket. What’s Gado Gado? Watch and learn….  

How to make a Spanish tortilla the way the Spanish do


(Quick answer: Excessive amounts of salt and olive oil. Short answer: read below) A Spanish tortilla (tortilla de patatas) has nothing to do with the Mexican flour/corn variety. Spanish tortillas are made from potatoes, onions and eggs. It is, in other words, an omelette. To make the tortilla authentic you will need to use a [...]

Chickens one day, feathers the next!

Chickens one day, feathers the next!

I’m glad I’m not a chicken. If I was, and I was a lucky chicken, I would be happy growing up in a free range country lifestyle, scratching out the day in dust baths under the sun and roosting in a tree with my mates for the night. I would spare a thought for the [...]

Culinary delights to tickle all your fancies

Spain's famous crowd pleaser, the paella tipica from Valencia

By Keri Algar Oh man we just LOVE it! I’ll take oysters and champagne or beer and two minute noodles with equal pleasure. Give me five stars or Maccas it’s (almost) all the same to me. But joy of all joys is cooking for friends and family with plenty of booze in the mix. It’s [...]

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