Misima Language Guide, Louisiade Archipelago, PNG

With only a few simple phrases conversing with the locals is such a fun experience, especially when they often still have NO idea what you are on about. A smile is often all you need.

There are over 200 languages spoken in Papua New Guinea, all very particular to the region the people are from. The islanders in the central part of the Louisiades speak the ‘Misima’ language, and even have difficulty understanding people on the mainland in Port Moresby. The following is a little guide of helpful Misima words and [...]

Broken English in the Solomon Islands

crew sign

“There’s no excuse for not learning the language,” an ex-voluntary aid worker on the flight from Brisbane to Honiara told me. “You should learn Pidgin.” Her name was Tania. She had previously worked in the Solomon Islands for two years as a torture and trauma psychologist with victims of domestic violence. Tania was on a [...]

A fresh guide to Tok Pisin and the power of laughter

Augusta of Kia

  There is nothing more lovely than the smile in a person’s eyes. And you’ll find that the same things make people smile and laugh all over the world – finding that commonality wherever you are is easy; just think that what your friends and family find funny, the rest of the world might too. [...]

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