Ten tips for top road trips

Road trip Australia

Try saying that quickly five times. Ten tips for top road trips ten tips for top road trips ten trips for hot road tips… Would you look at that? We’ve just come up with number one on our list!   Games Tongue twisters, counting different coloured cars, eye spy, 20 questions, it doesn’t matter how [...]

12 Chinese curiosities I learned after being abandoned in Beijing

Chinese toddler with split pants

Finding yourself unexpectedly alone in an alien land is a sharp reminder that cultural experiences are more intense without company. There’s no western filter where the strangeness of things is discussed and diffused in conversation with a mate. It’s just you and the natives. How I came to be abandoned in Beijing is simple, he [...]

Hey, miss! You want massage?!

Herman and his very welcoming keluarga (family)

The cat calls in Bali (Indonesia) can be a hassle. But in West Java there’s a lot less international tourism and finding a massage means keeping your eyes peeled. We are in Cimaja and the surf has been pumping non-stop. There is a lady who we’ve both got a couple of massages from – she [...]

Things to do in Bali with kids

Gross and fun, the kids'll love it!

The thing about holidays to Bali is that they can really cater for the whole family. Spa treatments, massages, surfing, diving, jungle, beaches, shopping…it’s a family holiday dream. And for kids, well, you can make it a total wonderland for them. Waterparks When I was 12 years old my dad took me to the Waterbom [...]

7 top spots you absolutely must see in Southern Phuket, Thailand

Very loud, but very cool.

For a first time adventure into Thailand, why not concentrate on the beautiful southern tip of Phuket? Phuket is the nation’s largest island, and so easy to get to with quick, daily, cheap flights to Thailand from Singapore and Bangkok. A perfect place for a long relaxing holiday or just a quick fun-filled stop. Make a base [...]

Tips for taking a good passport photo

Keri pIC

Snap! Do you look like a startled deer in your passport photo, or worse, like a convict? Here’s 7 tips for turning your shot from horror to hot… Harsh lighting and heinous background colours makes us look washed out and sick. Adding insult to injury, facial recognition scanners have a hard time placing your face [...]

Making Gado Gado on the streets of Bali


You’ll need no nonsense guts, a taste for the spicy, to forget meat and three veg, and about a dollar in your pocket. What’s Gado Gado? Watch and learn….  

10 things I like about you, my travel companion

Imo and Keri sharing a laugh, a beer and life on the road

1.     A sense of adventure over a sense of direction. 2.     A sense of humour – because I sometimes lack one and laughing is good stuff especially if we get lost. 3.     The willingness to rough it. Hard floors, soft beds, old cheese, and dirty undies are all part of life on the road at [...]

The Smile File

All it takes is a smile

Here’s a little something to turn your frown upside down, to LOL and ROTFL. Share with your friends to spread a little joy. Too easy to get wrapped up in the downward spiral of daily toil and trouble… lighten up and smile with us at unstuck travel. When you no smile, belly full of bile. [...]

Cheap holiday travel ideas: free accommodation in local prisons

Schapelle Corby, behind Bali bars for importing kilos of marijuana in her boogie board bag

(Caveat: Mum, you may not enjoy this yarn.) We were free-spirited New Zealanders on a six-week road trip down Mexico’s Baja peninsula. Fun loving, surfing, camping, and the world was our oyster. By the time we arrived at Cabo San Lucas we were dizzy with the intoxicating mix particular to Mexico, of hot salty air, [...]

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