Kuta Bali hit list: we say YES!

Saul at Bingin, Bali

For fear of being mistaken as an Elizabeth Gilbert wannabe, author of Eat Prey Love (Groan, Sigh, Moan), we’ve opted to avoid the trendy jungle town of Ubud in Bali, where we’ve been told naval gazing woman armed with laptops and a vision to write crowd the free Wi-Fi cafes. We cast our eyes away [...]

Unravelling Indonesia’s culture

Some things we do the same all over the world, Christina, having a good scrub

Indonesia is the austral surf mecca. People flock to its wave infested coastline, often in annual pilgrimages. It’s affordable, tropical and the surf is sensational – why wouldn’t you? But surfing and a cheap holiday aside, what do you know about Indonesia? As much as people are products of their experiences and their environment, a [...]

Killing time at Kuala Lumpur International Airport

Not exactly a star struck couple at Starbucks

How to kill time at international airports? Two words: free Wi-Fi. If you haven’t got yourself a connected device to milk it, you’ve got yourself a problem…boredom. So much of travelling is waiting and delay, says Paul Theroux in his epic account of travelling through China by train. This is as true today as it [...]

The time it takes to crack a nutcase

Time out

At some point along the road less travelled you will find yourself unstuck from the world wide web. What do you do when you are disconnected from the modern world? No mobile phone, no Twitter, Facebook, emails, shops, TV, radio, nothing. Only you, maybe a book, maybe a beach. What do you do? You start [...]

Video: Arnavon Islands marine conservation project, Solomon Islands

What do baby turtles, village women, two Kiwis and an United States NGO have in common? Follow the journey of 24 women from the village of Kia as they discover the Arnavon Islands and what marine conservation means for their present as well as their future. An in-depth perspective of the women’s visit can be [...]

Southern Phuket by scooter, elephant and sail

Stunning Views to Kata and Karon Beaches heading South

We hire a scooter from Bamboo Beach Hotel for US $10 per day – we could have got it cheaper in town, but the hotel have been very good letting us leave our surfboard bags here safely while we head off on adventures to Koh Phi Phi and surrounding villages. Driving on Phuket roads is [...]

Koh Phi Phi – Paradise in the Mist

Take me to that beach!

  True to their word, the maxi-taxi driver picks us up on time and delivers us to Phuket Port where we ferry across under stormy skies towards the dramatic looking island peeking out from the mist. Noisy, crazy-looking long-tail boats motored by reconditioned car engines mounted on a block with a long pole connected to [...]

Ping Pong Patong! Phuket, Thailand


Flying into Phuket from Kuala Lumpur took just over an hour and well worth the whole US $42 that we paid on Air Asia. Check out my thoughts on this low-cost airline HERE. Mystical jagged islands appear every now and then through the sea mist like a scene from a pirate novel, awakening my imagination. [...]

Batu Caves Bright and Beautiful

Lord Muruga 140ft tall & Majestic at Batu Caves, Kuala Lumpur

Under thundery skies we take the Komuter train from KL Sentral Staion (sic) out to BATU CAVES for US 70c, 13 kilometres north of the city centre, which takes less than half an hour. It’s free entry; we wander through the gates and past a magnificent 15-metre green statue of Hanuman the trickster monkey, past [...]

A castle in the Solomon Islands

john at papatura

The Location: Papatura Island Retreat, Isabel Province It is close to dusk at the end of a 22-hour boat trip when I realise I’m not sure where I am. As the ship’s tender approaches a bay I spot a man in boardies, probably in his sixties, standing alone on the typically tropical beach. He gives [...]

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