Sucking the surf from Indonesia to the Pacific

Mario, part owner and operator at the Surfing Village, at his home break straight out the front of his bungalow, somewhere in

Teahupo has nicked Sumatra’s thunder this week. It’s sucked the swell (and the surfing world’s attention) from Indo to the South Pacific. Watching the latest hot heavy weight surfer in the belly of the Tahitian monster, or Slater surf a 5”11 has been almost worth it, almost. No worries though because in Indo, with a [...]

Surfing and talking sh!t in Sumatra

taken by surprise on the sumatran throne

I feel like Al Bundy (Married with Children) as I sit on the loo at the Surfing Village resort. On an island off west Sumatra (Indonesia) this toilet is a throne. It is a statement in and of itself: ‘sit here and relax your majesty’ it seems to say. It is a magnificent toilet and [...]

Captain Coconut Surf Tour

mawi lombok sunset

THE PLAN: Book myself on a seven day surf boat trip, score some waves, have some fun. THE ITINERARY: Nusa Lembongan, Lombok, Sumbawa – Indonesia THE PRICE: Under US $70 a day; amazing food, drinks included (although we topped up the beer allocation a couple of times). THE BOAT: Traditional Indonesian boat with bamboo outriggers, [...]

Sex, surfing and saltwater crocodiles

Saltwater crocdile jaws have the crushing power of 3,000 pounds per square inch (PSI)

  I’d been sitting out the back with Chris, a local lad just learning to surf, when I felt that instinctive tightening of my gut and stillness of the mind. In the Solomon Islands it was saltwater crocodiles I was terrified of, not sharks. A shark, if it bites (the chance of an attack is [...]

A castle in the Solomon Islands

john at papatura

The Location: Papatura Island Retreat, Isabel Province It is close to dusk at the end of a 22-hour boat trip when I realise I’m not sure where I am. As the ship’s tender approaches a bay I spot a man in boardies, probably in his sixties, standing alone on the typically tropical beach. He gives [...]

Surf, lamb chops and a camper: a NZ road trip

Mikey, punches through the lip

Dunedin is special for two reasons: it is consistently battered by great southern ocean swells and it’s colder than the hair on a polar bear’s arse. So when we wake to a cranking northerly swell and a warm sunny day we’re left blinking in bewilderment. “It’s on,” I’m told, but where? The swell direction is [...]

Burleigh Heads fires

Keri at her favourite break (so far)

It’s crowded, but we love it. This is a picture of Keri taken circa 2006 – five years later not much has changed. The waves keep rolling in, the southerly sweep attempts to thin the crowds as they paddle in and out, and the usual suspects weave their way through and along the point’s three [...]

Imo’s sailing adventure chapter 3: find a screw

Find a screw

  This last revelation – Is he just using this website to meet girls? – has suddenly altered my view of the crew website. Is it just a new kind of dating website? Would the name “FindaScrew” be more applicable? I’m taking another look at the site layout, the questions it poses in each profile, [...]

Surf Lakey Peak, Sumbawa, Indonesia

Urman slotted, thanks Silas Hansen from Kiwi Surf Mag for the shot

  I listen to a young Aussie yak yak yakking away as he commandeers the peak, I listen to a swarthy group of Lakey veterans reminisce latter years’ lack of crowds and kooks, and I listen to a professional photographer/writer bemoan the fact it’s just another surf trip, who cares? (He doesn’t know what to [...]

Oh yeah that’s the ticket

Fiji's cloudbreak says Bula!

By Keri Algar Surfing is life. You let go and go for it at the same time and if things are moving a little fast then all the better cos it doesn’t leave you time to think about it too much, you act on instinct. It’s the best way to score though sure, sometimes you get smashed but [...]

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