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Sun, check. Boat, check. Rum, check.

A glutton for punishment, I reactivate my account on that I had suspended while I was travelling through South East Asia with DD. Driven and rather stubborn, I am still intent on sailing before the year is out. I am stoked to see that within a couple of days I get another ‘wave’ of [...]

Imo’s sailing adventure chapter 3: find a screw

Find a screw

  This last revelation – Is he just using this website to meet girls? – has suddenly altered my view of the crew website. Is it just a new kind of dating website? Would the name “FindaScrew” be more applicable? I’m taking another look at the site layout, the questions it poses in each profile, [...]

Imo’s sailing adventures chapter 2: the silver fox

One boat-owner who immediately caught my interest was Captain P. After a few interesting emails followed by a couple of phone calls, a RDV is set up in Auckland to sail to Waiheke Island for a night.  He’s a 50-something, fit, yank musician who has been living the dream in New Zealand for a few [...]

Imo’s sailing adventure chapter 1


Imo…interested! By Imo Throp -I wish I was on that boat. I sighed, as the sun caught the side of the ketch and winked back at me, calling. I was 31, single and had just finished the last page of The White Rajah, a fabulously written classic by Nicolas Monsarrat. My head was filled with [...]

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