Cut it out! Logging in the Pacific

Standing strong; but for how much longer?

One of my favourite things about sailing is the people you meet along the way. Whether it be gentle islanders in remote locations, expats in established ports, down and out rascals on the side of the road, or fellow sea-worn yachties, I get a real buzz by chatting to them all and listening to their [...]

Rainforests: Labrynths of Life

Man at his best, in touch with nature

Rainforest eco-systems compose the earth’s greatest and most marvelous biodiversity of animals and plants. To give you an idea of how much life exists in rainforests consider this: there are about 320 species of butterflies in all of Europe, but in one Peruvian park, Manu National Park, there are over 1,300 species. Not only are [...]

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