Practical Information for Yachts going to the Louisiades

Louisiades: Inspirational, remote, generous and FUN!

When we were preparing to leave we spent hours trawling the internet for practical information for yachties going to the Louisiades, and found very little. I have attempted to compile a list for future adventurers based on our experiences and needs. All additional questions, information and comments will be gratefully accepted and I’m sure indispensable [...]

Misima Language Guide, Louisiade Archipelago, PNG

With only a few simple phrases conversing with the locals is such a fun experience, especially when they often still have NO idea what you are on about. A smile is often all you need.

There are over 200 languages spoken in Papua New Guinea, all very particular to the region the people are from. The islanders in the central part of the Louisiades speak the ‘Misima’ language, and even have difficulty understanding people on the mainland in Port Moresby. The following is a little guide of helpful Misima words and [...]

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