comes through

Sun, check. Boat, check. Rum, check.

A glutton for punishment, I reactivate my account on that I had suspended while I was travelling through South East Asia with DD. Driven and rather stubborn, I am still intent on sailing before the year is out. I am stoked to see that within a couple of days I get another ‘wave’ of [...]

“I googled you last night!”

Kiwi woman; silly bird

I have been guilty of cyber-stalking potential beaus – seeing a good-looking guy get into a car with a website advertising his company splashed across the door is pretty much the same as him handing me his phone number, right? After a few clicks of the mouse there he is; marital status, photos, friends – [...]

Cyberstalking: the new way to woo

Google, the first stop for cyberstalkers

It has been a couple of months with a few potential sailing mentor candidates sending me ‘waves’ of interest, some of whom I get in touch with but none who have really sparked my imagination. And then I get a message in my Facebook inbox from Captain DD. – Found ya. The message says. Have [...]

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