There are no atheists at sea

when it's bad it's SCARY!

There are no atheists at sea. I recently had this epiphany in the middle of a three day passage between Solomon Islands and Vanuatu, where the Coral Sea and the South Pacific waters mingle and merge, swirling through trenches thousands of fathoms below, rising up and over sub-aquatic volcanoes, deep sea mountains peaked with treacherous [...]

Cut it out! Logging in the Pacific

Standing strong; but for how much longer?

One of my favourite things about sailing is the people you meet along the way. Whether it be gentle islanders in remote locations, expats in established ports, down and out rascals on the side of the road, or fellow sea-worn yachties, I get a real buzz by chatting to them all and listening to their [...]

The Smile File

All it takes is a smile

Here’s a little something to turn your frown upside down, to LOL and ROTFL. Share with your friends to spread a little joy. Too easy to get wrapped up in the downward spiral of daily toil and trouble… lighten up and smile with us at unstuck travel. When you no smile, belly full of bile. [...]

Interlude: Wandering thoughts through long dark nights of passage

'Imogenation' takes flight

With a series of three hour watches all alone under the dark moonless sky when the waves can be felt but not seen, it’s a humbling experience and easy to get emotional, especially after five long bruising nights bumping around relentlessly on our passage from Townsville, Australia to the Louisiades. However, it is hard to [...] comes through

Sun, check. Boat, check. Rum, check.

A glutton for punishment, I reactivate my account on that I had suspended while I was travelling through South East Asia with DD. Driven and rather stubborn, I am still intent on sailing before the year is out. I am stoked to see that within a couple of days I get another ‘wave’ of [...]

Imo’s sailing adventure chapter 3: find a screw

Find a screw

  This last revelation – Is he just using this website to meet girls? – has suddenly altered my view of the crew website. Is it just a new kind of dating website? Would the name “FindaScrew” be more applicable? I’m taking another look at the site layout, the questions it poses in each profile, [...]

Imo’s sailing adventures chapter 2: the silver fox

One boat-owner who immediately caught my interest was Captain P. After a few interesting emails followed by a couple of phone calls, a RDV is set up in Auckland to sail to Waiheke Island for a night.  He’s a 50-something, fit, yank musician who has been living the dream in New Zealand for a few [...]

Imo’s sailing adventure chapter 1


Imo…interested! By Imo Throp -I wish I was on that boat. I sighed, as the sun caught the side of the ketch and winked back at me, calling. I was 31, single and had just finished the last page of The White Rajah, a fabulously written classic by Nicolas Monsarrat. My head was filled with [...]

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