12 Chinese curiosities I learned after being abandoned in Beijing

Chinese toddler with split pants

Finding yourself unexpectedly alone in an alien land is a sharp reminder that cultural experiences are more intense without company. There’s no western filter where the strangeness of things is discussed and diffused in conversation with a mate. It’s just you and the natives. How I came to be abandoned in Beijing is simple, he [...]

The Smile File

All it takes is a smile

Here’s a little something to turn your frown upside down, to LOL and ROTFL. Share with your friends to spread a little joy. Too easy to get wrapped up in the downward spiral of daily toil and trouble… lighten up and smile with us at unstuck travel. When you no smile, belly full of bile. [...]

Dreaming of Whales

Aimee with a whale shark, Ningaloo, Australia

Did you know that when Orcas travel in groups they breathe in unison? And that the largest animal in the world, the Blue Whale, eats up to 3,000,000 calories a day, and has 40cm of blubber around it?! While you watch in childlike awe as whales cruise along the coastline – giant, majestic and mysterious [...]

Sea turtles: gentle, ancient travellers

Hawksbill Turtle, Egypt. (Erich Reboucas)

The ponderous sea turtle has a good reason not to hurry. Turtles are prehistoric animals whose ancestors evolved on land before returning to the ocean some 150 million years ago – having survived the extinction of dinosaurs, why rush? Today, sea turtles are swimming slowly and gracefully in almost every ocean basin throughout the world [...]

Killing time at Kuala Lumpur International Airport

Not exactly a star struck couple at Starbucks

How to kill time at international airports? Two words: free Wi-Fi. If you haven’t got yourself a connected device to milk it, you’ve got yourself a problem…boredom. So much of travelling is waiting and delay, says Paul Theroux in his epic account of travelling through China by train. This is as true today as it [...]

Icebergs, travelling and global warming

Antarctic sea ice, Amundsen Sea

What do ‘growlers’ and ‘bergy bits’ have to do with travel? Both curiously named things are small chunks of ice the that are chipped off large glaciers or ice shelves. They’re small icebergs. And there are more of them because we travel. Icebergs cave (break off) from ice shelves and ice shelves extend from continental [...]

The time it takes to crack a nutcase

Time out

At some point along the road less travelled you will find yourself unstuck from the world wide web. What do you do when you are disconnected from the modern world? No mobile phone, no Twitter, Facebook, emails, shops, TV, radio, nothing. Only you, maybe a book, maybe a beach. What do you do? You start [...]

FindaCrew.net comes through

Sun, check. Boat, check. Rum, check.

A glutton for punishment, I reactivate my account on findacrew.net that I had suspended while I was travelling through South East Asia with DD. Driven and rather stubborn, I am still intent on sailing before the year is out. I am stoked to see that within a couple of days I get another ‘wave’ of [...]

Video: Arnavon Islands marine conservation project, Solomon Islands

What do baby turtles, village women, two Kiwis and an United States NGO have in common? Follow the journey of 24 women from the village of Kia as they discover the Arnavon Islands and what marine conservation means for their present as well as their future. An in-depth perspective of the women’s visit can be [...]

Broken English in the Solomon Islands

crew sign

“There’s no excuse for not learning the language,” an ex-voluntary aid worker on the flight from Brisbane to Honiara told me. “You should learn Pidgin.” Her name was Tania. She had previously worked in the Solomon Islands for two years as a torture and trauma psychologist with victims of domestic violence. Tania was on a [...]

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