The unmissable Kagata surf retreat of the Solomon Islands

We didn't get too many good surf shots, but unlike other surf trips, the surf ended up peripheral

Thanks to our avid aid worker, surfer, traveller and friend, Eddie Burton, for providing this insightful and inspiring feature on the Solomon Islands. Towards the end of Eddie’s tale are his reflections, which will pull at the chords of every seasoned Island traveller. As I sat out the back alone, the last person in the [...]

Sucking the surf from Indonesia to the Pacific

Mario, part owner and operator at the Surfing Village, at his home break straight out the front of his bungalow, somewhere in

Teahupo has nicked Sumatra’s thunder this week. It’s sucked the swell (and the surfing world’s attention) from Indo to the South Pacific. Watching the latest hot heavy weight surfer in the belly of the Tahitian monster, or Slater surf a 5”11 has been almost worth it, almost. No worries though because in Indo, with a [...]

Pinged for oversize, overweight baggage with Air Asia?

How does Air Asia handle oversize, overweight luggage?

It’s our first experience flying with and we were pleasantly surprised! We weren’t expecting much after only paying US$60 for a ticket from Kuala Lumpur directly to Phuket based on previous experience traveling on low budget airlines with surfboards. We arrive an hour and a half before departure time, checked in and were only [...]

Sticky & Seedy in Singapore

Impressive view from the top

Arriving in Singapore is an adventure, especially if you are lugging large surfboard bags around! We find it nigh impossible to find a taxi to take us to our hotel – the information counter recommended that we hire an entire bus for $50SGD – until we bump into a friendly Mr Orr, maxi taxi driver who offers [...]

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