Where in the world?

Spain, China, India, Fiji, PNG, Solomon Islands…2012 has been a ripper year.

Previously in 2011…

After leaving the comforts of a good Sauvignon Blanc in New Zealand’s Hawkes Bay, Imo wandered about south east Asia. Visiting Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia, Imo discovered that her travelling partner and potential Pacific sailing buddy, DD, was not quite the cup of tea she had imagined. So, DD is done and dusted and Imo has ditched romantic sidelines in favour of swashbuckling sailing adventure aboard Screensaver, a 49-foot Hunter Sloop.

The lucky thing is presently somewhere around the Shortland Islands of the Solomon Islands…very unstuck.

Hello, paradise. An idyllic Thai beach.

Previously, Keri also recently spent two months in the Solomon Islands where she was warmly received everywhere she stepped, in the wantok tradition. Settling into the island time after the hullabaloo of Sydney took a couple of days, some deep breaths and a few sunset brews (the German’s wonderful legacy in the Pacific is the tradition of beer making they left behind – danke).

Keri hitched boat rides from here to there around the islands, a little cavalier, a little brave, a little frightened, and a little crazy. She borrowed a dug out canoe, was circled by sharks, crossed crocodile infested rivers, made friends with anarchists, did not shower, surfed, sailed in a near-sinking tub (yacht), fell in love with almost everyone she met, considered staying for ever in the Solomons, got sea sick, had a car accident, felt travel weary, and finally, left her heart in Melanesia as she boarded the plane for Australia.


Beautiful banana seller seeks shade under umbrella, Central Market, Honiara, Solomon Islands

Beautiful banana seller seeks shade under umbrella, Central Market, Honiara, Solomon Islands

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